The message of the Congress to Europe - 02-07-2014
Fot. Fotolia

The mission of the European Economic Congress is to indicate key directions in thinking about the future of Europe and the European economy. PTWP Group, the organiser of the Congress, pursues this goal not only through debates and their impact in the media, but also through activity that continues after the deliberations have ended. The message of the Congress thus becomes a lasting part of the public debate on the development prospects for the European Union.

One of such actions is the preparation of the recommendations of the Congress, assembled as a text and supplemented with the most interesting views, i.e. conclusions and recommendations.

The text, which is based on the most frequently repeated opinions and judgements of the participants, has been written by the editorial office of the “Nowy Przemysł” monthly, using the materials prepared by the journalists of the portal.

You will find this year’s “Conclusions for Europe” attached below in electronic form. We encourage you to comment on it and discuss it. The highlights of the Congress will be continued during the conferences prepared by PTWP Group for the second half of the year.

Download “Conclusions for Europe” in PDF format

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