European Union Industrial Policy - Economic Weimar Triangle (off) - 18-02-2014

"European Union Industrial Policy - Economic Weimar Triangle" conference (Cracow, 6-7 February), organized by Grupa PTWP at the initiative of the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland can give way to a wide-ranging discussion on the revival of European industry. The topics of Cracow debate will be developed during the VI European Economic Congress.

The conference, with high-ranking politicians from France, Germany and Poland, has been the first debate for a long time taking place as a part of the Weimar Triangle devoted to challenges which – in view of transformations in global economy – face the industry in Europe.

Among discussants there were also representatives of the biggest organizations of the Triangle economic self-government, as well as managers of the biggest European industrial companies.

“What we need is a discussion and answers to questions on how to achieve objectives such as climate protection with maintaining chances for the industry, without which we will not be able to compete with world economies”, Bronisław Komorowski, President of the Republic of Poland, said.

“Today the industry amounts for just 15% of the EU GDP, with 11% unemployment. When we were going down, the USA was developing. Also countries such as Japan, China and Brazil were financing their industrial development, investments and research”, Arnaud Montebourg, minister of the French production revival, observed.

“25 years ago Europe was sure that chemistry, machine construction or metallurgy could reach outside its borders and we were supposed to deal with research, services, develop financial sector, having “our hands clean”. Years later it turned out that the industry can be lost easily but not so easily recovered”, Sigmar Gabriel, Vice-Chancellor of Germany, minister of Economy and Technology said. “It is only now that there is some hope to recover the lost branches of production. Electro-technical industry can be a good example, connected for example with production of batteries and sources of energy for mobile devices powering or in a modern automotive industry.

A question on reindustrialization was asked by Janusz Lewandowski, Financial Programming and Budget European Union Commissioner.

“When we talk about reindustrialization we need to take into account what reindustrialization, its methods of carrying out we have in mind. Our central part of Europe has undergone a forced industrialization subordinated not to economy but military needs of the Soviet Union”, the EU Commissioner observed.

“We need to find out a common thinking about Europe which needs active France, Poland and Germany. We have to remember that Europe “did not create itself”; it was created by the Europeans”, Janusz Piechociński, Vice-Prime Minister, Minister of Economy of the Republic of Poland, said.

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