CSR initiatives during the EEC

As the organiser of the European Economic Congress, PTWP Group recognises the importance of actions related to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and promotes not only good practice in this respect, but also knowledge concerning the value that a consciously planned and consistently pursued CSR strategy of an enterprise represents.

Since its very first edition, the Congress – an event of a European rank – has also been an event closely related to a precisely defined location. Therefore, it has been embedded in the social context of Poland and Silesia as its most industrialised region important to the national economy.

Guided by the principle “together we can do more”, we present four selected initiatives from Poland in general, as well as from the region of Upper Silesia, which definitely deserve general support. They differ in terms of their objectives and the scale of their undertakings, but they also share social utility and an interesting idea, as well as consistency, energy and passion put into everyday work. All projects under the auspices of the Congress are oriented towards giving instead of taking – it is a valuable feature of every social activity.

Health and life


iskierka logoFundacja ISKIERKA is a public benefit organisation, the activity of which involves creation of financial, psychological and social support systems for children suffering from cancer, as well as for their families. The activity of a team of employees is supported by volunteers and partners from business circles and self-government, as well as persons involved in science, sport, arts, culture and show business. Funds collected by the fund are allocated for fulfilling the most vital needs of the young patients. Iskierka purchases medication and medical equipment indispensable for saving health or life of the children. The fund also helps the children’s families to go through the most difficult stages of treatment. Iskierka has already refurbished five children’s oncological units in Silesia.

This year, Fundacja Iskierka begins refurbishing and upgrading the equipment of the Oncology, Haematology and Chemotherapy Unit at Górnośląskie Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka w Katowicach (Upper Silesian Children’s Health Centre in Katowice). This undertaking will be supported by the volunteer work of the employees of Grupa Kopex S.A. It is a project that constitutes an example of effective cooperation between business and a non-governmental organisation.

The second priority is to provide new beds for three children’s oncological units in Silesia. This is the basic need when it comes to long-term hospitalisation. More than a dozen beds have already been provided to the Children’s Oncology and Haematology Unit at Szpital Kliniczny nr 1 w Zabrzu (Clinical Hospital No. 1 in Zabrze).


Solidarity for the family

szlachetna paczka

szlachetna paczka logoSzlachetna Paczka (Noble Parcel) is a nationwide project providing assistance to families in a difficult material situation. It is organised by Stowarzyszenie Wiosna and has been active for 13 years. Owing to the involvement of volunteers and donors, the families receive parcels corresponding to their individual needs two weeks before Christmas. Such a form of help emphasises the dignity of the donees. Apart from material things, the families receive a signal that they are not alone.

In 2013, the volunteers of Szlachetna Paczka reached 17,684 families in need. On average, one parcel was prepared by 30 donors, including families, groups of friends and colleagues and school classes. In 2013 alone, the project united 617 thousand Polish people. The worth of material help given in the parcels amounted to PLN 33.1 million. The organisation of the project is financed by Polish citizens owing to contributions made by individuals, as well as grants and donations made by enterprises.

Many personages well-known to the public, including the most famous Polish athletes, have been involved in the project for years, deeming it a wise form of helping others, which is also in line with their own values.


Nadzieja dla dzieci


anioły logoStowarzyszenie Pomocy Dzieciom i Młodzieży (Children and Youth Aid Association) has been active in Katowice for 20 years, where each year it supports about 100 children at day care centres and the therapeutic club, 400 children on the streets and yards and 80 families at the Family Counselling Office.

Dom Aniołów Stróżów (House of the Guardian Angels) provides an escape from serious problems at home for socially excluded children from former mining and steelworks circles of families that are currently unemployed. It also creates a real opportunity for changing their fate.

It is there that they can meet their friends, do their homework undisturbed, take part in educational activities and tutoring, eat a hot meal and receive psychological or pedagogical care. It is there that they learn how to work and believe in their own strength and capabilities. It is there that they develop their passion and talent, make friends and build mature relations. The oldest among the children in care become volunteers, thus helping the younger ones and performing various activities for the Association.

"We are offering a fishing rod, not fish!’ declare the animators of this project. "By giving a specified amount of money on a regular basis, you help us in helping children wisely and systematically. Become a Patron of one of the Therapeutic Club Rooms for children!"


Support sport talents


sokolnia logoDzielnicowy Ośrodek Sportu i Rekreacji Sokolnia im. Ryszarda Kafanke w Chorzowie (Ryszard Kafanke District Sport and Recreation Centre in Chorzów) is a sports club with three sections (sports acrobatics, sports gymnastics and fencing), the sports achievements of which are worth paying attention to. The majority of Sokolnia players are young or very young people from Chorzów and neighbouring cities of the Upper Silesian Agglomeration.

As a club, Sokolnia has been given the Title of the Best Acrobatics Club in Poland for the third time. Sokolnia players are Polish Champions in the categories of senior, junior and younger junior. Nine of them have been picked for the World Championship in Paris (in July 2014), which is – of course – a source of pride, but it will also considerably burden the finance of the club.

Sokolnia athletes, who give themselves fully to what they do, have to practice in difficult conditions – at the sports hall at ul. Mazurska in Chorzów, which is in urgent need of a refurbishment (among other elements, the roof, the changing room and the bathrooms require particular attention). Unfortunately, the subsidy is enough only to cover running maintenance costs. The club is also in urgent need of help with purchasing tracksuits in which the players from Chorzów could represent the city and the sponsor.

"As part of our cooperation with sponsors, we are able to offer the participation of our best players in high-quality acrobatic performances," declare the athletes from Silesia.


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